Blood Sugar Dropping

from by Pink Stainless Tail

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I cannot but feel that it's quite correct to assert that "your brain is a sweet shop". The complex sugars that govern neurological events in the human brain are well documented. All psychotropic chemicals perform their function by interfering with the natural processes that affect the secretion of these sugars, and hence this song. (SS)


Your brain is a sweet shop so what will you choose
You like the red ones and I like the blues
The red ones are hard but the hard ones are easy
The blue ones are bulls-eyes so now you can see me

Hypoglycemia! That's easy for you to say
If your teeth all fall out, i guess that that's ok
Hypoglycemia! It's multisyllabic
And if it didn't taste so sweet I'd soon kick the habit

See the man in the sweetshop, his teeth are intact
He's got rows and rows of things he keeps in jars out the back
But I never understand the things that he tells me
His eyes as cold and glassy as the humbugs that he sells me


Sherbet bombs and barley twists, love hearts and swizzles
All day suckers, kola kubes, spearmint leaves
Flying saucers, love hearts, life-savers
Satin cushions and aniseed balls


The red ones last longer, they melt on your tongue
The blues ones leave a funny taste after they've gone
The green ones make the earth seem like a tiny ball
And the purple ones taste the best but they don't make you
feel like you're anything at all


from The Skys a Soft Target, track released September 26, 2003
(Howard/Strong arr. PST)

Nick Boddington (bass)
Harry Howard (guitar)
Sonke Rickertsen (drums, b.vox)
Simon Strong (voice, sounds)
Maisie (b.vox)




Pink Stainless Tail Melbourne, Australia

PST is/was/ever will be: Nick Boddington (bass), Harry Howard (guitar), Sonke Rickertsen (drums), Simon Strong (voice).

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